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Next event:

9th September - the Nova Scotia Jazz Band

details on "Jazz Events" page

Tickets will be available online from the

Biggar Corn Exchange website in due course.


Change of status

Jazz in Biggar began as an informal non-profit group, and continued in this way until April 2011. It has now been agreed that the group will merge into BTW ltd, which operates the Biggar Corn Exchange. Though events will continue to be branded as "Jazz in Biggar" but will be an integral part of the Corn Exchange programme, planned and scheduled by the Corn Exchange Programme Plannign team.


Do you like Jazz?

Do you know people who say that they don’t like jazz, without realizing the broad spectrum of jazz music that is available? From “trad” to “swing” to many contemporary forms, to the downright “experimental”, I would suggest that there is genuinely something for everyone.Most of us like music of one type or another, and today there is more music available than ever before – radio, CD, TV, ipod, and the internet give us fast access, and digital sound quality is high.Despite this, there is nothing that can replace the excitement and spontaneity of live performance. That’s what “Jazz in Biggar” is about. It is also about discovery – giving anyone, of any age, the opportunity to hear live jazz, and decide whether they like it (all our concerts are free to under-eighteens).

What is Jazz anyway?

Putting it simply, jazz is just improvised music, or “spontaneous composition” built around a basic tune, or chord sequence. All the famous classical composers used improvisation -“variations on a theme…” - the only difference being that these variations were studiously written down and copied by their students. Modern jazz musicians do it “in real time”.

Jazz in Biggar

Jazz in Biggar is starting to gain an identity. It began at the 2006 Biggar Little Festival, and, since then, many jazz musicians have played in Biggar – artists like Colin Steele, David Milligan, Phil Bancroft, Stu Ritchie, Alan Pendreigh, George Burt, Allon Beauvoisin, Stuart Brown, Mario Caribe, Paul Harrison, Martina Almgren, Laura Macdonald, Aidan O’Donnell, Graeme Scott, Rob Hall, Chick Lyall, Brian Molley, David Patrick, Konrad Wisniewski, Cathie Rae, Ryan Quigley, Justin Currie

Mike Chad (Chair)
Gil Dunn (Secretary)
Tracy Short (Treasurer)
George Burns
Bill Stott
Do you listen to Jazz?

If you do, and you’d like to hear about live events, email

I’ll add you to the emailing list and when we are ready to formalise membership, you will be among the first to receive an invitation to join. In the meantime, we'll do our best to let you know what events are coming along.



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